Universal Buys Rights To EA's Dante's Inferno

What a world we live in. Universal Pictures have bought the rights to make a movie based on EA's Dante's Inferno » 11/03/08 3:00am 11/03/08 3:00am. And they've bought them for a "seven-figure sum". Bear in mind, . The project will be overseen by , as well as Jonathan Knight (from the gaming side of things), and both game and movie will involve - wait…

First Details On The New Batman Game

Click to viewAs it stands, nobody has commented officially on the specifics of the next Batman game. Hell, nobody has officially acknowledged that the game even exists. That doesn't mean we can't hear about it unofficially, however. So, courtesy of someone who's already played the game, let's look over the first… » 8/12/08 2:00am 8/12/08 2:00am

Yup, The PS2 Is Still Buttering EA's Bread

Here's something interesting. We know, EA lost some cash last year, and we know, they did so despite selling a gagillion games, but just where did those games go? Like, which systems did EA make the most money off? Let's check their quarterly results and find out. Anyone hoping Q42008 would be the time a current-gen… » 5/14/08 12:30am 5/14/08 12:30am