Electronic Arts didn't have the best 2008. Gambled on some new IP, which didn't catch on as hoped. So it's understandable that the company wants to put it all behind them with a big sale.

You'll notice if you visit the website of both Amazon and GameStop/EB Games (showing that these are official cuts, and not retailer-specific) that most of EA's 2008 lineup has been put on sale in the past week or so. The following EA Games titles have been reduced:

- Dead Space was $60, now it's $50
- Red Alert 3 was $40, now it's $30
- Army of Two was $30, now it's $20
- Mirror's Edge was $50, now it's $40


While the following EA Sports games are now cheaper:

- Madden 09 was $60, now $50
- NBA Live 09 was $50, now $40
- FIFA 09 was $60, now $50


It's common for older games to get cheaper as they get, well, older, but it's strange seeing almost the entire recent lineup of a big publisher get marked down at once.

You could , then, take this opportunity to kick EA while they're down, but really, you should take the opportunity to pick up Mirrors Edge and/or Dead Space, which in hindsight were probably my two favourite games of 2008.