Click to viewAs it stands, nobody has commented officially on the specifics of the next Batman game. Hell, nobody has officially acknowledged that the game even exists. That doesn't mean we can't hear about it unofficially, however. So, courtesy of someone who's already played the game, let's look over the first details on what you can expect from it, and how it's shaping up.

Firstly, our source confirms Pandemic as the developers behind the title, though we pretty much knew that already. Secondly, a good portion of the game is set in a GTA-style rendition of Gotham City, which plays a lot like Spiderman 2 as Batman zips around (he even gets a grappling hook for swingy-swingy when not using the Batmobile) attending to crimes. And thirdly? As was first raised last week, it's not in the best shape, perhaps explaining why the project has been kept in the *ahem* dark for so long.

Seems the combat just doesn't work. Partly due to the game's wonky free-roaming camera system, partly due to the mashy hand-to-hand combat, partly due to the limited range of moves Batman has at his disposal, which makes the whole thing awfully repetitive. Which is a bit of a shame, though realistically, with no official announcement, let alone release date, there's plenty of time to fix that kind of stuff. On a brighter note, another source tells us Pandemic have taken a few creative liberties with the game, and while it's based on The Dark Knight, the game's actually set after the events of the movie, which should at least be interesting from a story-telling perspective.