Brutal Legend Wii Cancelled, Will Not Reach Valhalla

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While never confirmed to exist by Electronic Arts, we were all fairly sure that somebody, somewhere was working on a Wii version of Brutal Legend. Now we're hearing that version has been binned.


Destructoid report that the game has been cancelled "due to quality and technical concerns". Which sounds a lot like what you'd expect to happen when you try and port a 360 & PS3 game to the Wii.


Sad news for anyone who was looking to pick this up but only owns a Wii, but then, how many of you only own a Wii?

Rumor about a rumor: Wii version of Brutal Legend canceled [Destructoid]

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EA has no idea how to really do anything innovative or worth while on the Wii. Look at at their current list of titles! Why do you you think they binned it?