The Wii Is History To Electronic Arts

EA Games boss Frank Gibeau has called the Wii a "legacy platform". In other words, an old console. Something that goes next to the PS2 section. Ouch.

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The comments here are almost laughable. The Wii has had some of the most original and fun titles of all three systems. Granted, this year has been slow, and My Wii has been turned off for a good while now, but most folks hear dont seem to play Wii games unless they are features on Kotaku every day or something. Seriously, Rune Factory Frontier, Trauma Team, both No More Heroes games, Lost in Shadow ( came out this year ) DK Cuntry Returns, Fragile Dreams, Monster Hunter Tri, the list goes on and on. There are some TOP notch games on the system and it is a damn shame to see it ignored as much as half the gamers on the internet seem to be doing.

What is more, saying something like "My Wii is collecting dust" followed by an insult at how the Wii is out dated is pure stupidity. You are outright SAYING that you have not played a title on it in a long time, and then proceed to say the system sucks. I think you would be a more fair judge if you actually had played a few games on it before logging onto the web and spouting baseless accusations of a dated system.