Artist Turns Doom II's Final Level Into $6,000 Sculpture

Made from found objects, old circuit boards and action figure parts, artist Jason Hite's miniature sculpture of Doom II's final level "The Icon of Sin" is just as incredible and iconic as the level itself. » 10/27/14 9:20am 10/27/14 9:20am

Doom II Mod Reimagines Maps Based On Their Names

A group of Doom II modders have reimagined id's classic shooter in a clever and often silly way: by drawing inspiration from the names of the game's original 32 maps. » 7/29/14 11:30am 7/29/14 11:30am

Doom "Mod" Makes The Game Look Very 21st Century

It might be stretching the definition a little, but this Doom II mod is one of the most technically impressive things I've seen in a long time. » 5/20/14 9:30pm 5/20/14 9:30pm

The Ghost Of id Software's Past

John Romero haunts game developer id Software. Yes, he co-founded the studio and thus more than earned his place in id history. But Romero only worked there between the years of 1991 and 1996. » 8/10/10 4:30am 8/10/10 4:30am

Doom II & Voodoo Dice Do Xbox Live Arcade Wednesday

It's double the dose of Xbox Live Arcade this week, as id Software's classic demonic shooter Doom II and mystical puzzle game Voodoo Dice do their thing for the Xbox 360 owner looking for something downloadable. » 5/24/10 4:40pm 5/24/10 4:40pm

BioShock's Arcadia Demade For Doom II

Doom fans looking to squeeze more life from Doom II, technologically resistant to joining us in the 21st century, can still see some of Rapture's underwater delights, thanks to this BioShock-inspired "demake" crafted for id Software's classic PC shooter. » 3/01/10 8:00pm 3/01/10 8:00pm

Here's What Bethesda Is Bringing To PAX 09

Bethesda is gearing up for PAX 09 next week, packing up playable demos of upcoming titles and a healthy dose of Brink for the long cross-country trek to Seattle. » 8/27/09 3:20pm 8/27/09 3:20pm

Live at QuakeCon 2009: Doom II, Quake Arena for XBLA

Among the towers, the PC accessories, the Galaga spaceships was a bit of early news perhaps including a glimpse at Doom II and Quake Live for the Xbox 360's Live Arcade. » 8/13/09 1:58pm 8/13/09 1:58pm