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Doom II Mod Reimagines Maps Based On Their Names

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A group of Doom II modders have reimagined id's classic shooter in a clever and often silly way: by drawing inspiration from the names of the game's original 32 maps.

The project is known as "Doom II In Name Only." Ella Guro, its founder, said that it took 666 days to complete. Something tells me that number is intentional.

"Imagine a world where Doom II was never released, and the levels never saw the light of day," Guro wrote of the project in a post on a Doom forum. "The only bit of information that ever saw the light of day were the titles of the 32 maps, cryptic as can be. What kind of map would 'The Crusher' be, or 'O of Destruction,' who knows?"


Each of the maps was made with textures from the original game, so the project as a whole presents a sort of alternate version of what Doom II could have been. The levels also come with silly descriptions that make it sound like the modders involved in the project had a good time toying around with the names here.

"Bloodfalls," for instance, was taken as literally as possible:


The same goes for "Barrels O' Fun:"


"Monster Condo," meanwhile, sounds like it's roughly as absurd as something named "Monster Condo" should be:


Sadly, the "Nirvana" level is devoid of references to nineties-era grunge music:


You can download the batch of new levels here.

via PC Gamer

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