Okay, Maybe the Minecraft Creeper Plush Does Look a Little NSFW

Coming in September from official Minecraft online retailer Jinx, this huggable depiction of the game's most familiar foe does, at first, resemble the Incredible Hulk's junk. » 8/02/12 8:30am 8/02/12 8:30am

Needless to Say, This Bulletstorm Video is NSFW

While no character in Bulletstorm has the name, the game's script does seem overly concerned with the activities of someone named "Dick." Here's a compilation - by no means exhaustive - of two-dozen references to aforesaid Mr. Richard, within the span of a minute. » 2/25/11 6:00pm 2/25/11 6:00pm

Look Kids, It's The Cast Of The Guild

Look kids, it's the cast of the hit internet series The Guild! In case you've not heard of The Guild, it's a hysterically funny look at a group of MMO players and how they react when things get a bit too real. The lovely red-haired woman there is Felicia Day, who Buffy fans may remember as someone only Buffy fans… » 10/11/08 10:00pm 10/11/08 10:00pm