Look kids, it's the cast of the hit internet series The Guild! In case you've not heard of The Guild, it's a hysterically funny look at a group of MMO players and how they react when things get a bit too real. The lovely red-haired woman there is Felicia Day, who Buffy fans may remember as someone only Buffy fans would remember. She plays the guild's healer, Codex, who one day gets a surprise visit from Sandeep Parikh, the warlock who assumes the two have hit it off and decides to move in with her. If you've ever been in an MMO guild you know these people, from the inattentive mother Clara (far left) to the young, "spirited" player Bladezz, played by Vincent Caso there on the far right. Vincent...I am so sorry I called you a dick today. I really meant your character, I swear. You're a lovely man. Anyway, check out the show's website and find out what happens when a guild stops being real and starts getting...really real.