Let's Remember How Ridiculous The Xenogears Demo Was

Next week, we'll finally be able to get our hands on the much-anticipated demo for Final Fantasy XV, which is basically the Half-Life 3 of JRPGs. This continues a long tradition of publisher Square Enix releasing demos for their big RPGs alongside other games... like the demo for Xenogears, which launched with the… » 3/13/15 2:32pm 3/13/15 2:32pm

Nintendo, Your Restrictions On Demos Are Just Silly

I downloaded the demo for The Wonderful 101, and was surprised to find this message pop up telling me that I would only be allowed to run the demo 20 times. Now, of course I don't plan on playing a demo more than once or twice, as I'm sure most people don't. Which is why I find it so odd that Nintendo would put… » 8/12/13 7:15pm 8/12/13 7:15pm

Get a Closer Look at Syndicate's Co-Op Demo, Out Today

After watching the last Syndicate trailer, I had to grudgingly admit that it did indeed channel some of the vibe of the original game. In this new video, Syndicate executive producer Ben O'Donnell walks us through the just-released 4-player co-op demo, detailing some of the features of the upcoming game's co-op modes. » 1/31/12 5:30pm 1/31/12 5:30pm

Epic Didn't Want A Gears of War 2 Beta "Popping" Its "Cherry"

Gears of War 2 » 11/04/08 8:40pm 11/04/08 8:40pm designer Cliff "D.H." Bleszinski is concerned about the sanctity of his latest gore-filled shoot 'em up. He doesn't want a bunch of dudes nailing his baby girl, turning his little lady into worn-out damaged goods as millions of Xbox 360 owners clumsily penetrate her, robbing Epic's latest of its…