Folks Are Getting Hyped On The Japanese Smash Bros. Demo

The 3DS version of the upcoming Super Smash Bros. has a demo on the e-Shop in Japan—and people are putting the game through its paces.

Only a few characters out of the full roster are available—Mario, Link, Pikachu, Villager and Mega Man. Still, it's interesting to see these characters in action. Take the video above, for example. GameXplain shows us a battle against level-9 CPUs. There's more, too.

Thanks to footage from ZeRo, I'm particularly interested in the Villager and Pikachu. I mean, look at this shit—the Villager can plant a tree, water it, and then axe it down in the time it takes a character to return to the screen:


Hell, the Villager's recovery in general:

Or the way the announcer says his name in Japanese....MURABITO!! So good.

Pikachu, meanwhile, is just cute as hell. I'm particularly in love with his winning pose:



Magazine scans floating around also show that both Pikachu and The Villager have great alternate costumes (versus simply having a recolor). I'm looking forward to being able to play them.


Maybe you care about the other available characters more? That's cool. Here's some Mega Man footage, by KoKuTanLuFi:



Some other tidbits are surfacing, too—for example, the fact the game won't allow you to do chaingrabs anymore:

It looks like the ledges aren't as forgiving now, too:

Lots of stuff! The hype is real, people.

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Wait. Is Nintendo officially saying the Villager is also the Balloon Fight character? If those two IPs were known to be linked, that's news to me. That alone is cool, even if it's just a nice little wink and nod to the fans.