Brutal Legend and Forza Demos Hit Xbox Live

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Two highly anticipated demos make their way onto Xbox Live today, with Brutal Legend escaping from preorder exclusive hell and Forza 3 edging closer to the finish line.


Free up some hard disk space as two of the most eagerly awaited games get their demo on. The heavy metal action of the Brutal Legend demo is heavy indeed, weighing in at 2GB, but what's contained on that 2GB should be well worth the space, with the entire opening chapter laid bare on a stone altar to be sacrificed to the dread demon lords or something.

Twice the speed will cost you only half the space, with the Forza Motorsport 3 demo delivering 1GB of 60 frames-per-second racing goodness.


It's worth noting that both demos are Xbox Live gold subscriber exclusives, so if you aren't paying for Xbox Live, this is the price you pay. Patience!

One of these demos should be making it onto the PlayStation Network soon as well. Hint: it's not the one published by Microsoft.

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I am tired of stupid preorder bonuses. The ones I hate most are early demo access.

Why? Why taunt us with a demo of a game as an incentive to buy it? Y'know what the point of a demo is?! To convince me to buy it! To make me want more! MOAR!!!