Grudging Admission: Syndicate's Co-Op Trailer Channels a Bit of the Original Game

I'll go ahead and call this a glimmer of hope. When we first got a glimpse of the FPS reboot of the PC strategy classic Syndicate, I was dispirited. The original Syndicate was a isometric strategy game with a cold, still-iconic art style and a generally groovy vibe. The action sequences I saw in the reboot's trailer looked more like a Deus Ex: Human Revolution knock-off than anything remotely like the Syndicate I knew and loved.


This trailer for the game's four-player co-op mode, however, is at least a bit more in line with classic Syndicate. Sure, it's still action packed; sure, it's still a game in the first-person perspective. But four augmented cyborg mercenaries wrecking their way through a cyberpunk city while brutally taking over enemy territory is… well, at least it sounds somewhat like Syndicate.


We'll know more once the 4-Player co-op demo launches January 31st. Given the fact that EA has claimed they want to do more Syndicate games that are not necessarily console FPSes, we can hope that they understand the franchise enough to make this game cool while also making, I don't know, a PC strategy game similar to Firaxis' recently announced re-imagining of X-Com.

In the meantime, do go and pick up the original Syndicate at Good Old Games. And if you'd like to take a fun trip down memory lane, do go and watch the intro video to the original game.

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