A Second Hands-On Opinion Of The Xbox 360's Instant-Streaming In 1080p

I, with my 955kbps downstream Internet connection, reported earlier today that the November-scheduled offering of instant-streaming 1080p wasn't working on my sluggish connection. But a man with a 25mbps-downstream connection has a different take: "Incredible." » 10/19/09 5:00pm 10/19/09 5:00pm

Xbox 360 Update Hands-On: The Stuff That Didn't Work, For Me [UPDATE]

Instant streaming in 1080p? Microsoft did warn that its new Zune video marketplace might not allow for streaming for people with slower (slow-ish?) connections. This is my low-point in my three-part preview of the 360's new November dashboard. » 10/19/09 11:20am 10/19/09 11:20am

What's Coming From Microsoft At E3?

E3 2008 is less than a week away, and come Monday morning the internets will be buzzing with the latest news from Xbox 360 producer Microsoft. While we know they'll be plugging their biggest titles - Gears of War 2, Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, Fable II, and Viva Pinata - what big announcements could we see from the… » 7/08/08 2:00pm 7/08/08 2:00pm