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A Second Hands-On Opinion Of The Xbox 360's Instant-Streaming In 1080p

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I, with my 955kbps downstream Internet connection, reported earlier today that the November-scheduled offering of instant-streaming 1080p wasn't working on my sluggish connection. But a man with a 25mbps-downstream connection has a different take: "Incredible."


Here's the 1080p connection from

Streaming media blogger Dan Rayburn dropped me a line to let me know that, not only is the service working great for him on his 25mbps connection, but tells me that Microsoft says the service would even work with a 4mbps connection.


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We've got a Goldilocks situation then, with my connection being too slow, Dan's being absurdly fast.

Who's got a connection that's just right? Microsoft has indicated that the service will scale down for people with slower connections — but obviously not for connections as ridiculous as mine.

Xbox 1080p Streaming Quality Is Incredible, Hands-On, With Video

PIC via Gizmodo

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Where do you live to be stuck on a sub 1Mbps connection? D:

Even I, jobless and living in the middle of nowheresville, Texas, have a 30Mbps download. #dashboardupdate