Important Answers About Dark Souls II's Expansion On PC

Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin launches this week, but PC owners considering upgrading to the game's DirectX11 version should be aware of a few things regarding save transfers, multiplayer, and upgrade pricing. » 3/30/15 2:43pm Yesterday 2:43pm

Someone Beat Dark Souls II...In First-Person...Wearing Oculus Rift

Anyone should be proud for finishing Dark Souls II. From Software's sadistic action games are punishing by any standard. The community around the games, however, keeps upping the ante. What's one way to make Dark Souls II harder? Beating it in first-person with an Oculus Rift. » 2/26/15 12:15pm 2/26/15 12:15pm

The Clever Trick Players Are Using To Decode Dark Souls II's New Lore

When this week's major Dark Souls II patch rolled out, From Software didn't exactly provide a detailed list of everything that's changed. That's not Dark Souls! It's up to players to piece it together. The game's lore has been subtly updated and altered through item descriptions, and players have come up with an… » 2/06/15 11:34am 2/06/15 11:34am

Dark Souls II Patch Radically Changes The Game's Ending

When you reach the end of Dark Souls, the players is presented with a big choice. You help decide the fate of the world. When you reach the end of Dark Souls II, the game simply ends. Not many players were satisfied with this conclusion, and the game's new patch changes this. » 2/05/15 6:05pm 2/05/15 6:05pm

Dark Souls II Patch Reveals New Secrets For An Old Game

There was a major patch for Dark Souls II today, which includes a screen-filling new character known as The Scholar, updated lore, and more. The Souls series is all about hiding things in weird places, so we're only scratching the surface. Here's a taste of what's been found so far. » 2/04/15 3:00pm 2/04/15 3:00pm

Hidden Details Buried In The Dark Souls II Expansion's New Trailer

A patch to prepare Dark Souls II for its upcoming Scholar of the First Sin update is coming on February 5. Though Scholar of the First Sin itself doesn't arrive until April, Bandai Namco's revealed a tiiiiny bit more of what's in store for players who return to Majula in a new trailer. » 2/03/15 12:09pm 2/03/15 12:09pm

Dark Souls II Patch Doesn't Really Fix Multiplayer Problems

Bandai Namco's has released details on a major patch for Dark Souls 2, which both tweaks a bunch of game elements and tries to address a major flaw with the game's multiplayer. This patch also lays the groundwork for The Scholar of the First Sin, an expansion arriving in April. » 1/15/15 3:40pm 1/15/15 3:40pm

Dark Souls Characters Turned Into Amazing Statues

The raw looks and the rough paint job make these figurines by artist futantshadow unique and cool. They're just like the ones in all three Souls games: blurred shapes in the dark, coming after you. » 12/19/14 9:30am 12/19/14 9:30am

How To Be A Gentleman In Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls 2's PvP isn't just about combat skills. It's always a sophisticated mind-game with well-timed gestures, moves and stylish manners. Gravy Zombie has a five-step guide/short clip filled with funny tips on how to engage in proper PvP. » 12/11/14 9:20am 12/11/14 9:20am

Dark Souls II Beaten in Under An Hour

Beaten in 59:15 to be exact and, according to the speedrunner, Allakazzaror, this is a new world record—the first one under an hour—without using glitches. » 11/12/14 9:20am 11/12/14 9:20am

Target Destroyed -- By Mom

We all know that feeling of being engrossed in a game and being interrupted by a loving mother. Well, when you're livestreaming, the show must go on, so just let her play Dark Souls 2 in front of hundreds of viewers! » 11/07/14 1:30pm 11/07/14 1:30pm

The Honest Dark Souls Trailer Is Not Just About The Difficulty

We all know by now that the Souls games can be hard and painful and luckily Smosh Games' latest Honest Trailer is not just a clip about that. It rather makes fun of neglected topics such as the community, the art direction... and the games' connection to Cat Mario. » 10/15/14 9:20am 10/15/14 9:20am

Can't Play Dark Souls 2 With A Rock Band Controller? Try Harder.

I wish I could say Bearzly inspires me to try harder at games like Dark Souls, but the truth is that I just feel shame at my terrible rolling technique. Look at him! So calm and collected while whammy-barring his way to victory. » 10/06/14 2:00pm 10/06/14 2:00pm

Forza Horizon 2 Takes Traffic Jams To A Whole New Level

Traffic is bad enough when there are cars all around you. It's worse when they're on top of you and you're floating in a void. Also in today's Highlight Reel, a new Mario Bros world record, Destiny meets Tony Hawk Pro Skater, and more! » 10/01/14 1:00pm 10/01/14 1:00pm

Destiny Protip: Dance More

Dancing is a fun feature in Destiny, but it can also be a really useful tool when you're alone defending a control point. We also have highlights from someone defending a control point with punches, and the most enjoyable crash ever in Just Cause 2. » 9/17/14 5:00pm 9/17/14 5:00pm

Five Things You Might Have Missed In Dark Souls II's Second DLC

Bosses that act differently if you wear certain items, hidden areas, secret alternative death animations: Dark Souls II's second DLC, Crown of the Old Iron King, has a few cool things even veteran Souls players could miss. » 9/15/14 8:30am 9/15/14 8:30am

The Old Iron King from Dark Souls II is ready to unleash his flame breath attack in Ztagger's de-make art. It looks like a boss fight on the SNES or on the Game Boy Advance, so that flame breath wouldn't be larger than a few pixels. » 8/22/14 8:30am 8/22/14 8:30am

Highlight Reel: The Superman Exists, And He's A Cannibal

We've rounded up some of the best highlights from the past few days in the gaming world and put them all in one place for you. Today, some beautiful explosives work in Titanfall and Battlefield 4, some glitched-out punches, and more! » 8/20/14 1:00pm 8/20/14 1:00pm