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Long Ignored Dark Souls 2 Glitch Is Finally Getting Fixed

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

From Software has been ignoring a durability bug in Dark Souls II for the past year, but it’s getting addressed in an upcoming patch.

Here’s the gist: when you swing weapons, they begin to degrade. That’s natural, and it’s easy to fix them at a local blacksmith. However, anyone running the game at 60 frames-per-second was punished for enjoying a faster frame rate, as weapon degradation was bizarrely tied to the game’s frame rate. As such, weapons broke much faster! This was a problem on the PC version last year, but affects every version of Scholar of the First Sin, released just a few weeks ago.


Not long after publishing a story on this glitch—though I’d been asking From Software about it several days prior—they published details on an upcoming patch for the game. Unfortunately, it was all in Japanese, and there wasn’t yet a consensus on what changes were actually coming.

From Software reached out today, though, and confirmed the following tweak:

“Fixed issue whereby weapon durability was decreased drastically when used on enemy corpses, friendly characters, etc.”


Hurray! If that’s not plain enough, a Bandai Namco representative spelled it out.

“The fix will be issued for PS4, Steam and Xbox One, and will be apparent for people running the game at 60fps as the durability decrease rate is linked to the frame rate,” said the company. “We are still working on the exact release date for the patch, which will also fix additional issues not just durability, and will follow up with the date as soon as possible.”

How exactly this works, however, remains to be seen. Will From Software simply increase durability for weapons or has the engine actually undergone tweaks to make it disappear?

Either way, I’m glad it’s being changed.

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