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It’s tough enough to follow what’s happening in Dark Souls that Bandai Namco ran a contest asking people to help explain it. But if you’re looking for something in-depth, MoonlightButterfly on YouTube has you covered.


I sorta know what happened in Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls II, and Bloodborne, even if the story isn’t what attracted me there in the first place. But when I learn more about what’s happening beneath the surface, I’m intrigued, and turn to lore miners like VaatiVidya and MoonlightButterfly.

What MoonlightButterfly does is unique; they cleverly mix together gameplay footage, cutscenes, and other pieces from the game to tell a coherent story, one that moves from A to B in a way the game doesn’t.


They recently published a nearly two-hour saga about Bloodborne:

And have videos for every game in the series, including Dark Souls 2:

Dark Souls:

Demon’s Souls:

With Dark Souls 3 only weeks away, now’s a good time to brush up!

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