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Dark Souls Player Beats Game Without Getting Hit

Illustration for article titled iDark Souls/i Player Beats Game Without Getting Hit

People have finished Dark Souls in a number of bizarre ways, from tapping bongos to flipping the perspective upside down. The most impressive yet, however, may be Twitch streamer The Happy Hobbit downing From Software’s challenging action RPG without getting hit a single time.


This isn’t something The Happy Hobbit cooked up overnight. He’s been trying (and failing) to make his way through Dark Souls without being hit for weeks.


With a sole exception, every video includes a mistake, a hit.

And boy, those mistakes hurt. Because The Happy Hobbit’s challenge is so specific, he needs to be careful when playing. This means runs aren’t especially fast, and so when he screws up, that means seven or eight hours are lost forever. The current speedrun record for Dark Souls is 45 minutes, 17 seconds.

This hit, which took place after seven hours of streaming, really hurts:


On the Dark Souls subreddit, Ivellis outlined all of the specifics for this run:

Illustration for article titled iDark Souls/i Player Beats Game Without Getting Hit

The run finally took place yesterday, with the victory hit coming around 4 hours, 57 minutes, and 42 seconds into the stream. It’s a beautiful moment.


Here’s that accomplishment, in GIF form:


You know, I’m happy just having beaten Dark Souls, but that’s not enough for everyone, and that’s OK . Take a break, The Happy Hobbit. You’ve earned it.

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Jaqen H'ghar

you mean a game on PC that has more hacks than you can shake a stick at someone did a no hit run? In a game where there is no feasable way to do a no hit run legitimately unless you are quite literally superhuman. “Oh but he had a camera pointed at him the whole time.” Did he have a camera pointed on his whole body and hands while making the button inputs and have a witness while doing this? No? Oh okay, there’s a reason Games Done Quick is done in front of an audience.

Am I accusing him of cheating to do this? No I’m just saying I have a healthy skepticism is all.