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Extreme Lag Turns Dark Souls 2 Fight Into Invisible Nightmare

Illustration for article titled Extreme Lag Turns iDark Souls 2 /iFight Into Invisible Nightmare

We’re used to lag in multiplayer games. It happens, even in Dark Souls 2. But it’s not often when a player lags so hard they become an invisible ninja for most of the fight.


Two players were engaging in jolly cooperation when an invader named AC joined their game. This happens all the time in Dark Souls 2—it’s part of the experience. Invading and being invaded is half the reason you keep playing any Souls game, once the credits have rolled.

In this scenario, our heroes were going to be dealing with an NPC enemy (the one in red, which you’ll see below) and an invading player. Thing is, only one player could actually see the invader.


In this GIF, you’ll see the other player rolling away from and attacking...something. We can’t see it, but over voice chat, they claim they’re fighting off the invader, AC. But where are they?

This continues for several minutes. The two players wonder if a cheater is in their midst, which wouldn’t be out of character for the Souls games. It totally sucks, but it happens every so often.

Eventually, the invader is able to get the best of the player who can see them and they perish.


Goodbye, poor Jontsoni. It wasn’t a fair fight.

Thing is, it’s not over. The invader is still there...lurking. Invisible, yes, but alive and kicking.


Our hero is, understandably, confused, and simply walks around the arena, waiting for anything to happen. Minutes go by before, well...just watch.


The invader appears, quite literally, OUT OF NOWHERE. Despite the surprise attack, it’s not enough, and a single whack from the player left behind is enough to send them back into the void.


Hey, at least it was a memorable fight.

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Lag in PVP has always been a issue in every souls game, its half the reason why i don’t like PVP because of it. But i defiantly don’t hate PVP its just the lag drives me nuts.