The Worst Ways To Die In Dark Souls

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There are many ways to die in the Souls games. These are the worst.

With Dark Souls 3 coming out in two weeks—sooner, if you’re lucky—it’s got me in a contemplative mood about the series. Beating Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2, and Bloodborne count among my greatest gaming accomplishments, but that didn’t come without great trial and error.


(For this post, FYI, I’m counting Bloodborne as part of the Souls games.)

Death is constant in Souls, and it doesn’t always arrive way you expect. It’s a game that enjoys tricking the player around ever corner. Such as...

Those F’ing Mimics

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Someone Fell For That?! Oh, Wait...HEY


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The Ol’ Skeleton Kick

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Everything In Sen’s Fortress

No explanation needed.

The Conveniently Placed Fire Barrel


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Oh, It’s Just A Few Enemies

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One Giant Leap For Hollowkind

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Didn’t See Ya There, Offscreen Enemy


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The Cocky Emote

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One. God. Damn. Arrow.


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Getting A Boss To Its Last Hit, Then Screwing Up

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Jumping Off A Dangerous Cliff

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This doesn’t even cover the other terrible things that can happen, like:

  • Trying to find the next bonfire and losing 30,000 souls!
  • Rushing through a familiar area and dying for no good reason!
  • Ignoring a status effect and suddenly dying of, say, poison!
  • The camera locking onto the wrong enemy!
  • Convincing yourself that the next time you fight the boss, you’ll win!
  • Deciding it’s a good idea to play these games in the first place!

Share your stories of woe in the comments below. Together, we’ll praise the sun and try to fight another day.

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