China's Top Cosplayer Talks About The Meaning of Cosplay

Standing at about 5 foot 11and wearing a black t-shirt with sweatpants, A. Xiu Lan takes a long draw from his cigarette. Looking at A from afar, one would see a skinny young Chinese man with disheveled hair and deep sunken eyes standing aimlessly while smoking. However, beneath A's simple exterior is a beast that is… » 8/19/13 7:50am 8/19/13 7:50am

Geeks, Games, and Extremely Bored Booth Companions at China Joy 2013

For the last 11 years, the yearly China Digital Entertainment Expo has been "entertaining" China and the world's gamers. Commonly known as China Joy, the show is usually known more for its booth companions—in fact, this year's China Joy was more about the gamers and geeks taking photos of young women. » 7/29/13 6:00am 7/29/13 6:00am

Square Enix Has Its Eye on China. Yeah, Just Like Everyone Else.

Yoichi Wada, the guy at Square Enix who gets to sit in the "Chairman of the Board" chair is in China for the "China Digital Entertainment Expo" (also known as "ChinaJoy"), China's biggest game show. Wada gave a speech about the Free to Play model of games at the pre-Expo developer/publisher conference, during which… » 7/25/13 6:00am 7/25/13 6:00am

Anime Super Fan Carries Swag All The Way to Greece

Chinese gamer and Saint Seiya » 8/27/12 7:30am 8/27/12 7:30am superfan, Le Shui (not his real name), recently finished one of his life's goals, to travel like the Saints in to the Sanctuary of Saints in Greece. However unlike normal fans who traverse to the ancient temple in Greece, Le Shui bought with him a piece of swag from the recent China Joy…

Forget the Booth Companion Insanity, What Makes this Game Expo Are the…

Every year over the past decade, China Joy has been delighting video game fans in and outside of China. The most memorable parts of the show that are caught on camera often focused on the booth companions and some times the games. What gets left behind by all the glitz and glam of China Joy are the people that attend… » 8/06/12 8:00am 8/06/12 8:00am

Man Declares Love to Booth Babe and Is Taken Away by Security

At the recent China Joy gaming expo in Shanghai, a young man in mirrored sunglasses stormed the stage with a bouquet of roses that were made from 100 yuan bills. He presented the roses to a booth companion and confessed his love to her. She didn't exactly seem pleased and neither did show security.

The man, who's… » 7/31/12 7:30am 7/31/12 7:30am

Rich Jerk Throws a Wad of Money To Kick a Gamer Off a PC

Filmed at the China Joy expo in Shanghai, this clip shows a rich dude repeatedly nudge a guy playing at a demo for a PC game. You can hear him say, "Let me play!" in Chinese.

Then, the rich guy takes out a wad of yuan and throws it in the gamer's face. It looks like he chucked the equivalent of about US$250 at… » 7/27/12 7:15am 7/27/12 7:15am