During this year's China Digital Entertainment Expo, or China Joy, Blizzard held their annual Blizzard themed cosplay contest. And while China Joy's known for some rather revealing cosplay, the winner of Blizzard's event was covered head to toe. Not even her face was showing.

The winner of the Blizzard China Joy cosplay competition won the whole shebang dressed as a raven! That's right, the winning entry wasn't even a humanoid creature! It was none other than the Raven Lord Anzu!


The woman behind, or rather within, the costume is Chinese cosplayer Zhang Lu, who said she made the costume by hand! Zhang is somewhat of a fixture of China Joy's cosplay circle. She was a runner up in last year's contest, dressed as a female monk.


As the winner of the China leg of the competition, Zhang will get a chance to stand on the stage at Blizzcon later this year along with the runner up Xu Rujun.


暴雪Cosplay大赛归来:乌鸦之神安苏的创作历程 [NetEase]

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