This Rich, Arrogant Gamer Might Piss You Off

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At the recent China Joy gaming expo in Shanghai, a rich gamer apparently rented an entire booth so he could have it all to himself and play a new online game.


According to reports, the gamer booked the booth for thirty minutes, and there were even three booth companions on hand to fan him while he played. Other attendees were blocked off and not allowed to enter the booth during this block of time.

The gamer's behavior pissed off his fellow gamers, and one individual got so angry that he threw a wad of cash, demanding the same service.

China's rapid rise has meant that there's a generation of nouveau riche kids—a generation that often is on the receiving end of scorn when they flaunt their wealth.

Not sure who is more arrogant, though: the guy who rented the booth and then had companions fan him or the guy who threw the money when he got upset.

富二代包场三美女伺候 高富帅不爽直接甩钱 [QQ via MICGadget]



If you have the money to do this then why the fuck not?