The Best Part Of Harry Potter 7 Begins Infinity Blade III

As a more casual Harry Potter enthusiast, the best moment in the entire movie series was The Tale of the Three Brothers, an animated aside from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. Chair creative director Donald Mustard liked it as well, so he hired the animation company that made it to summarize the series… »9/13/13 2:35pm9/13/13 2:35pm

Read The Prologue From The New Infinity Blade Novel

Along with Epic's announcement of Chair's upcoming iOS sequel Infinity Blade 2 came the reveal that novelist Brandon Sanderson has published a novel based on the world of Infinity Blade. Epic was kind enough to send along a lengthy excerpt from the book—I've taken the prologue and reprinted it here. Several additional… »10/04/11 7:30pm10/04/11 7:30pm