A Guide to Delivering Infinity Blade Smack Downs

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I'm a big fan of swordplay iPhone and iPad game Infinity Blade, but despite the hours I've spent playing the game I didn't know everything presented in this little developer guide to the title.


If you like the game and want to start prepping for next month's multiplayer addition, here's some tips straight from the developer's house:

1 – Learn how to use combos! You can also mix any of these up by starting with Right/Down/Up and changing the relative direction in the pattern and learn how to do a 5-hit combo!

Left, Right, Left = Huge Hit
(Does the most damage you can in a 3 hit window)

Left, Left, Right, Right = Mega Hit
(Does the most damage you can in a 4 hit window)

Left, Right, Up, Down, Left = Ultra Hit
(Best, this does the most damage you can in a 5 or greater hit window)

2 – Use your shield wisely. Block with shield, slide off of shield to swipe - no need to lift finger.


Save shield for end of fight when health is low since it is the easiest - be aware - some boss attacks get past shield, know them and dodge.

3 - Pay attention to the XP of your weapons and items. If they are mastered switch them out before the next battle.


4 - When fighting the 15 foot Titans (like the Feral Troll), pay attention to which side he smashes his weapon to the ground. If he smashes on the right side, dodge to the right shortly afterward. If he smashes on the left side do the same on the left. It's a good indicator of which way to dodge.

5 - Pay attention to the Titan's info. For example, if he is immune to fire, be sure to equip an Ice Sword, Ice Ring and a Fire Shield. This way you can do maximum damage to the boss and also block his attacks.


6 - Remember to look for loot between fights. Health vials are precious and you can find tons of gold just lying around in the world.

7 - Use magic to your advantage. Find rings that allow a good balance of offensive and defensive spells - a well timed "Heal" spell can be the difference between destroying the God King or leaving your kid to mop up your mess...


8 - Once a weapon is mastered it no longer gives you XP. So switch up your inventory from time to time to get your character to the highest levels. Mastered items double in value - sell them in the store if you need more gold.

9 - Try using block and dodge to defend the first few attacks of an enemy combo, to get in more scratch hits between enemy moves. After the third or fourth enemy attack, try parrying to score the larger damage window at the end of the combo, especially if you get a stab or sword clash opportunity.


10 - Fast forward button - use it to quickly get to next fight (but, you may miss money/health pickups - so avoid if you need them).

11 - In between fights, try to equip your items with 'gold+' attributes to get more gold from any money bags you find.


12 - Mastering the art of parrying is the key to becoming an unstoppable sword fighter - learn to parry and you will dominate the God King!



Number 12 is correct. I decided in my very first fight that I was going to get good at parries, and that shields and dodges were for pansies.

I put no skill points into shields (and very few into magic) and loaded up my offense skill until a single combo was enough to stagger any enemy... then dumped everything beyond that into health.

I beat the God King on my 5th bloodline, which took a total of 35 minutes from starting the bloodline to the ending credits, without skipping any cut-scenes and while opening every chest, looking around for random drops, shopping for 8 new items, dying twice, and engaging in every single fight.