The Visually Sumptuous Infinity Blade

Gaming on the iPhone has now perhaps its greatest champion, a sword and magic fighter created by the team behind Gears of War.


The $6 game, due out tomorrow, delivers the sort of graphics and gameplay familiar to console gamers, but long thought impossible on an Apple device.

In this video I take a look at why I've played through this game seven times, and can't seem to stop.



That tagline "created by the team behind Gears of War" is seriously erroneous.

Inifinity Blade was devloped by Chair - all Epic did was, well, own them. Of course neither of the parties is apt to point that out, but it's true.

As a game dev, I find it somewhat insulting when news organizations discredit the work of the devs like this, by pimping a high-profile title peripherally connected to the *actual* devs (via a publisher, for example).

That tagline should read "created by the team behind Shadow Complex".

Shame on you, Kotaku.