Infinity Blade Getting New Blades This Month, Multiplayer Next

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I'm a big fan of Infinity Blade's amazing graphics and interesting take on iPhone gaming. So it's great to hear that the first update for the $6 game is expected to hit next week.


The update will include five new swords, five new shields, five new helmets and a new set of armor. The free update also pushes the level cap from 40 to 45, introduces a new enemy and allows you to listen to your own music while playing the game.


And all of this is really a preamble to next month when Epic expects their multiplayer update to hit the game. Dueling folks online with absurd swords and shields can't help but be fun.

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I wonder how multiplayer would be implemented properly.

I mean, it's all timing and counter-attacks, but when it comes time for ME to strike, I swipe like mad. I don't see how you could incorporate some kind of proper multiplayer without A) making it a race to see who swipes the fastest or B) a neverending stalemate of attack-parry/dodge/block.