Unlike Its Cinematic Namesake, This Case Mod Inspired By A Classic Sci-Fi Movie Will Probably Not Try To Kill Anyone

Back in the 1950s and 1960s, the science-fiction prophets of the age got the future of computers half-right. Our digital contraptions do get ever more powerful, and the world is now, in many ways, entirely run by a powerful, invisible network.

But the part that science fiction got wrong was that our computers have…

Batman Doesn't Need These PC Case Mods for his Batcave Supercomputer. They're For the Rest of Us.

I am looking forward to seeing The Dark Knight Rises this weekend, because I like Batman. He's rich and spoiled and self-pitying, sure, but he actively went out and chose to take on the whole caped crusading business, and has to keep coming up with clever new tools to make it work. There's no biology, with Batman; no…