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It Takes A Lot Of Skill To Make This Brand-New Planetside 2 Case Look So Very Old

Illustration for article titled It Takes A Lot Of Skill To Make This Brand-New emPlanetside 2/em Case Look So Very Old

Sony's upcoming massively multiplayer first person shooter Planetside 2 doesn't launch until November 20. But the custom New Conglomerate-themed PC that MNPtech built for SOE creative designer Matt Higby is ready right on time.

The case on its own is pretty spectacular, but the galleries showing how much work it took to make something so new look so old are the truly tremendous bit. The project started back in September, meaning it took about two months total to make every stencil, every cut-out, every custom part, and every bit of aged-looking paint look just-so.

To see how the entire process took shape, and just how many different tiny parts are rearranged, reshaped, and repainted, hit up the original gallery.


"Freedom from Tyranny!" New Conglomerate Planetside 2 Case Mod [MNPTech]

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It didn't me a lot of skill to mod this pc, tho :)