Illustration for article titled The Aerodyne is a Minimal, Modern Take on Art Deco Design

Jeffrey Stephenson specializes in making sleek, minimalist, art-deco and mid-century inspired PCs. His website features a solid decade's worth of custom wooden mods, spanning the range from full-fledged furniture to cigar box. The Aerodyne is his most recent project, completed this January.


The sleek, compact retro PC is made of mahogany and aluminum. Stephenson's gallery indicates that it's running Windows 8 on an Intel Core i3-2015 CPU, with Intel HD3000 graphics, a 256 GB SSD, 8GB of DDR3 memory, and 150W PicoPSU.

Looking at its radio shape and those gorgeous 1930s curves, I can't help but feel this was made to run BioShock. Stephenson's assembled an enormous gallery tracing all of the mock-ups, planning, glue, and screws that went into the build.

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