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Sadly, this TARDIS has to obey the laws of physics as we humans know them. It only travels one direction in time: forward, at a rate of one day per day. Its volume on the inside is exactly as indicated by its dimensions on the outside. And there's no Time Lord pouncing about all of creation inside of it.


But despite those shortcomings, these Doctor Who-inspired cases are still gorgeous. Entirely crafted from aluminum and the perfect shade of TARDIS blue, these cases do manage to hold some power in their depths, in the form of an Intel I5 quad-core processor. The Blu-Ray drive is hidden behind the front "police box" sign.

I can't decide, though, whether it would be awesome or dreadful for it to make the TARDIS whirring sound on start-up and shutdown. On the one hand, it really sort of should. And on the other hand, in a confined space I think that's a little too similar to a grievous fan or drive malfunction for comfort.


Meanwhile, if you want to exterminate anyone, the designer's site has photos that hint at a dalek case in-progress.

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