Illustration for article titled You Can Make Anything You Can Imagine With LEGO. Even a PC.

One case modder out there in the world has finally found a use, a true purpose, for the featureless square "houses" and "castles" young me inevitably built (and tore down) from my LEGO collection.


This particular PC is, indeed, made of LEGO bricks. Sure, the motherboard and processor and fans and the rest aren't made of LEGO, but they're slotted and held in by thoughtful brick placement. The maker claims that neither screw nor soldering, nor any drop of glue have found their way into this playful PC, and that, being made entirely of LEGO, it can be disassembled and reassembled at any time. (Though perhaps not easily.)

The addition of drilled air holes on the side keeps the crowded interior running cool. Alas, due to the fan's placement on the case top, it's probably extremely inadvisable to make a handful of LEGO PC cases and then snap them together into a monstrous wall. But that won't stop me from kind of wanting to.


Lego PC 1.0 [TechPowerUp]

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