PC designer Jeffrey Stephenson, whose work we have featured before, is back with his latest creation. There are case mods, and then there are ultra-mod case mods. This mod, is, well, mod.


Have words lost all meaning for you yet? That's all right. You won't really need them to admire this sleek, svelte, sixties-inspired PC.

Dutch painter Piet Mondrian began his famous black-grid paintings while living in Paris during the brief period between World War I and World War II. But the patterns inspired by his works were absolutely everywhere in the 1960s, particularly in fashion.

The Mondrian PC is painstakingly built from hand in wood, with acrylic tiles inlaid into the grid design. As for the PC half of this tabletop art, it is, as you would think, built for size and not necessarily for power. Stephenson lists the system specs:

Intel Core i3-2105 CPU
Intel HD3000 Graphics
Crucial 256GB M4 SSD
8GB Crucial DDR3 system memory
120W mini-box.com PicoPSU
Scythe Kozuti CPU Heatsink/Fan
Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview


Given the blocky, modular way Windows 8 can look, somehow a Mondrian look seems entirely appropriate. Hit the gallery for a bunch more screenshots, or Stephenson's site for a huge set of photos showing off the (painstaking) construction process as well as the final product.

Mondrian [Slippery Skip - Jeffrey Stephenson]

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