This Iron Man Case is Not Made by Tony Stark, But is Still Cooler Than You

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You know who's cool? Tony Stark is cool. He's so cool he doesn't have to give a damn about things like "civility" or "gravity" or "playing nicely with the big green monster scientist."


Iron Man is also cool. Mostly because he's Tony Stark in a suit of badassery. This PC may not be able to fly around the world saving the day, but it does have replica missile launchers.

Unfortunately, despite the stunningly detailed replica arc reactor, it still needs a traditional power supply in order to run. And other bits, too, likely manufactured by the likes of AMD or Intel, and not by Stark Industries. No matter what the labels on and in the case tell you.

PC part manufacturer Thermaltake sponsored the build, to tie in with last month's The Avengers. Designer Ron Christanson did the rest, painstakingly making every part as faithful not only to the look of Iron Man as he could, but to the spirit. The interior even features a battered nod to Captain America's iconic shield, because "In both Iron Man movies, Marvel masks a reference to Captain America, the moments are subtle and you can see in the above pic the nod to Captain America. I decided to make my own subtle hint into this mod."

For a huge gallery of pics chronicling the whole build, check out the blog of the man behind it. Who is still not Tony Stark. Sorry.

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General McFist

My only problem would be when I start wanking it. Is the mask is looking at me and judging or peering slyly with a look of encouragement