FIFA 14 to Add Nine Brazilian Clubs to Its Lineup

FIFA 14 has locked in agreements with 19 of Brazil's top professional clubs, doubling that league's representation in the world's top selling football simulation. The deal also, interestingly, points to one of the vestiges of early licensed sports video games—ones that had permission to use players but not their teams. » 7/17/13 6:00pm 7/17/13 6:00pm

Pokemon Cosplay Wins At The...Brazilian Protests

There are massive protests going down in Brazil right now, mostly over corruption and - remember this - the cost of public transport. The demonstrations are causing embarrassment for the government while a major international football tournament is taking place, but one who is not causing embarassment is this chap… » 6/21/13 2:00am 6/21/13 2:00am

See Inside A PlayStation 3 Factory, Watch Consoles Being Built

Sony recently announced that it would be building some PlayStation 3 consoles in Brazil. Which would for most of us have been a fairly inconsequential piece of news, if not for the fact there's some video of the factory floor, showing Sony workers putting the machines together. And it's fascinating. » 5/08/13 11:00pm 5/08/13 11:00pm

The Sega Console That Was Just For Girls

Chances are the Sega consoles you played, or at least saw growing up, were actually made by Sega. But not everyone was afforded that luxury. In some territories, the hardware had to be manufactured and sold by third-party vendors, resulting in some bizarre systems like this: The Master System Girl.

Note that this is… » 7/09/12 11:00pm 7/09/12 11:00pm

Wounded Galatian: Max Payne 3's Soccer Mission, and the Meaning Behind…

This only marginally qualifies as a spoiler alert because, if you've played Max Payne 3 » 5/17/12 6:01pm 5/17/12 6:01pm longer than 20 minutes, you've encountered this mission already. It revolves around a shootout in the locker room of the Galatians FC in Sao Paulo, Brazil which, as a quick Internet search plus common sense reveals, ain't a…

Did You Know In Brazil You Score Points for Killing Children in Grand…

Last Thursday, Brazil was visited by its own Columbine massacre. 23-year-old Wellington Menezes de Oliveira opened up fire at a school in Rio de Janeiro killing 12 pupils and injuring 13 others, aged between 12- and 14-years-old. Wellington killed himself minutes later, after being shot by a policeman. The country was… » 4/13/11 8:30am 4/13/11 8:30am