Brazil's Propaganda Is Using Sonic The Hedgehog Music Again

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Shortly after he was first elected, fascist shitstain and Donald Trump cosplayer Jair Bolsonaro started releasing video after video boasting about the infrastructure projects he was helping fund throughout Brazil. One of them, bizarrely, featured music from Sonic the Hedgehog, and now it’s happened again.

While last time it was a relatively deep cut—the theme for the second phase of the battle against Solaris, the final boss from the 2006 version of Sonic The Hedgehog—this time it’s pretty much the most recognisable Sonic tune there is, the theme to Green Hill Zone. (If you see two tweets embedded below, it’s in the second one with a bunch of dudes standing around some concrete.)


Bolsonaro obviously doesn’t make these videos himself, but he’s the driving force behind what they’re standing for: the wilful destruction of Brazil’s environment and a reprehensible disregard for his people’s lives (over 100,000 Brazilians have died of Covid-19, which Bolsonaro has ridiculed and refused to take seriously, despite catching it himself), all in the name of attempting to bolster... the economy.

Having all that as the context for the fucking Green Hill Zone theme is a very large slice of 2020.

Luke Plunkett is a Senior Editor based in Canberra, Australia. He has written a book on cosplay, designed a game about airplanes, and also runs

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Listen, this is just as stupid as anything else he’s always done but yesterday an evangelical congresswoman from Bolsonaro’s supporter base was found out to have murdered her ex-son-in-law/adoptive-son/current-husband with the help of some of her literally 50 adopted children (on of whom googled “assassin how to find” and “legal and lethal easy poison) because, and I quote: “I couldn’t divorce him, God wouldn’t like it”. And that’s the reason she killed him. She’s obviously Pro-Life and Anti-LGBTQIA+ because of course she is. So, honestly, no one paying too much attention to Sonic songs (also Bolsonaro threatened to punch a reporter because he asked why the First Lady received money from a known criminal). AND THAT’S A SLICE OF BRAZIL’S NEWS CYCLE TO YOU GUYS, WHERE EVERY DAY IS A DIFFERENT BLEND OF DYSTOPIA, WOODY ALLEN’S LIFE AND A THE OFFICE SKETCH