A new cola plus coffee drink was recently released in Japan. Or maybe that should be coffee plus cola? Just call it Cafe do Cola.

This "Brazilian Soda" beverage hopes to capitalize on next month's World Cup, which will be held in the South American country.

Do people in Brazil even have a cola plus coffee drink? I know that Guarana Soda is extremely popular and extremely caffeinated, but that's made with guarana—not coffee.

[Photo: 2525_hahaha]

UCC, the Japanese coffee company behind Cafe Do Cola, is also releasing a guarana soda. Since most people in Japan don't know guarana, but do love coffee, I imagine that's explains the coffee cola.


This isn't the first carbonated coffee Japan has seen of late. (This latest one, however, is explicitly "cola," instead of just carbonated or "soda.")


I love coffee, and I love cola. I don't think I need coffee in my cola or vice versa. Cafe do Cola? No, just don't.

ブラジリアンソーダ カフェ・ド・コーラNEW [UCC]

Top photo: hoseicooptama

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