Famous Celebrities Recreated in Stunning MMO 

Gorgeous New PC Game Still Looks Too Good To Be True

Black Desert Online, the Korean MMO that has the best character creation system of all time, is about to enter open beta. So we get a new trailer, taunting us with how this game looks. Excellent. » 12/02/14 6:00pm 12/02/14 6:00pm

OK, We Get It, That Korean MMO Looks Fantastic

After a somewhat quiet reveal last year, Korean MMO Black Desert has been blowing socks off for the last week with its character creation system and ambitious design. » 4/21/14 10:00pm 4/21/14 10:00pm

Even Boring Chores Look Good In This Beautiful MMO

We've seen the character creation system, as well as some of the combat featured in Black Desert, a stunning-looking Korean MMO. But the game also features stuff you can do during your downtime—and it looks like the developers are putting care into small details. » 4/11/14 8:30pm 4/11/14 8:30pm

Why Does This MMO Seem So Much Better Than The Stuff We Get?

Black Desert, the Korean MMO that as a fantastic character creation system, is more than just a pretty game, you know. Judging from the trailer below, which showcases some battle mechanics, it also plays differently than many of the MMOs that we know. » 4/10/14 8:30pm 4/10/14 8:30pm

Meet The World's Coolest Character Creation System