Image: PC Gamer

Korean MMO Black Desert Onlineā€”yes, the pretty oneā€”recently made a change to the gameā€™s economy. To say players are pissed would be to sell it a little short.

The change, which lets players buy items using real money then turn around and sell them for in-game currency, has caused literal in-game protests. Like, characters marching the streets, carrying angry placards, the works.

As PC Gamer report, while thereā€™s a stated reason for thisā€”certain Black Desert Online items are only available for real money, so this opens things up and makes them available to everyoneā€”it only plays further into the worries of Western players who feel the game is a little too ā€œpay to winā€ for its own good (BDO is a $50 purchase, not a F2P game). Introducing something like this to the game, they fear, will only create a lopsided economy, with a small number of players paying real cash for items then selling them off for huge profits.

Whoever is in the right here, I am very impressed by the fact a game has the tools to allow its players to properly and accurately protest how terrible they think it is.