How to Deal with Your Video Game-Induced Anger

You’ve got that boss down to just a sliver of health. One more hit and it’s done. Then, out of nowhere, his axe comes sweeping in and chops down your last bit of life...again. Your controller flies across the room as expletives roar out of your mouth. Sound familiar? Game-induced rage sucks. Here’s how to keep under… » 5/04/15 9:51am 5/04/15 9:51am

There's No Such Thing as a Free-to-Play Game

I've tried to be fair to the concept of free-to-play games, which you see a lot of in mobile gaming. Yes, it all seems a bit cynical—it trades a single price for a potentially unlimited revenue stream, but there's nothing necessarily illegal or unethical about that. It does depend on making some substantive portion of… » 11/16/12 8:00pm 11/16/12 8:00pm

Minor Console Aggravation: Those Darn PS3 Installations

Download a game on the Xbox 360 or the Wii and you're good to go. You can play it. Download a game on the PS3 and you just might have to then tell the PS3 to install it.

You have to manually install any game that you have downloaded in the background. This is strange, sort of like the PS3 is getting back at you for… » 10/26/12 9:00pm 10/26/12 9:00pm

I Hate That I'm Addicted To Boring Video Game Challenges

I'm having the same, recurring nightmare of late. It's one of those stupid ones where something that's normally inane and innocuous becomes unreasonably horrible. Here's what happens: I'm on Pandora, out on a mission—to kill someone, probably—when I notice something. Maybe it's a a box or a locker. And the second that… » 10/19/12 8:30pm 10/19/12 8:30pm

Their Studio Gave them an Amusement Park Ticket—and Then a Pink Slip

How would you like to be fired? Do you want to go out in a take-this-job-and-shove-it blaze of glory? Would you like security to martyr you, marching you out by the elbows, as you clutched your box of things like Richard Gere carrying off Debra Winger » 10/19/12 8:00pm 10/19/12 8:00pm? Would you just want the chance to look into the soulless black…

A Cable Drama Conundrum: What's Worse, A Serial Killer Or A Gamer?

No, seriously. This is a question I've had to wonder of late thanks to Dexter, the hit TV show that follows a serial killer who kills other serial killers. This would make him a "good" serial killer—at least, as good as someone who murders people can be. That may sound ridiculous, but being privy to Dexter's… » 10/12/12 8:00pm 10/12/12 8:00pm

Crazy Expectations of a Console That Didn't Deserve Its Third Chance to Fail

If you never saw Crazy People, a 1990 film starring Dudley Moore, I highly recommend it. Basically, an advertising agency is taken over by the insane, who decide that honesty—the anathema of marketing—is now the best policy. Volvos are sold as "boxy, but they're good." Another stunt offers "a free plant for fat… » 10/05/12 8:00pm 10/05/12 8:00pm

Seeking Credit—Where It is Due—as Two Blockbuster Games Launch

You probably don't know Elizabeth Tobey. She didn't voice an outrageous character or design an outlandish weapon in any video game you're currently enjoying. But she did, legitimately, have a hand in the creation of —or at least stirring up the desire for—two big 2K Games hitting shelves right now. And she didn't get… » 9/28/12 9:00pm 9/28/12 9:00pm