What People Said About the Terrible Game the NRA Made Six Years Ago

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Wayne LaPierre, the National Rifle Association's No. 1 mouthpiece, emerged from Oz's curtain this morning to condemn the worst video games of American culture. Funny, the NRA made one itself: NRA Gun Club, released in 2006 for the PlayStation 2. Here's what people said at the time.

NRA Gun Club

Crave Entertainment

Released: Oct. 2, 2006.

Critic: Brian (Metacritic)

"I'll give it an overwhelming thumbs down."

Score: 2.

Critic: GamesRadar

"The feeling you get from holding an actual weapon in your hand might grant some intoxicating sense of power, putting as it does the power to end a life in your hands. Of course, the same could be said of a hammer."

"NRA Gun Club may be useful for demystifying gun ownership for wannabe weekend warriors, but it sure as hell doesn't qualify as much of a game."
Score: 2.

Critic: Ian Nelson (Amazon)

"Perhaps one of the single most horrendous games to ever come from a third-rate game creator."


"NRA Gun Club could very well be the single worst game in the history of games."

"This game is pure garbage, and Crave Entertainment should be as ashamed of itself as I am."
Score: 1 star.


Critic: Jeff Gerstmann (then of GameSpot)

"Absolutely pure in its devotion to awfulness." (Note: This was the lone bullet point under the heading "The Good.")


"This is the sort of hastily slapped-together game that should have been a free bonus for subscribing to the NRA newsletter or something."

"Most textbooks are more entertaining."

"This game promotes violence—you're bound to rip the disc out of your PlayStation 2 and fling it across the room almost immediately after putting it in."


"Since the game doesn't let you reload the weapons or press the safety, you don't learn much."

"NRA Gun Club's awful gameplay and presentation make it an effective though unintended antigun message: Guns are boring."
Score: 1.6


Critic: GarrisonO. (Metacritic)

"This game completely sucks!!!"
Score: 2

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Isaiah Bradley

"Pure garbage" = hilarious. Pure - of unmixed descent or ancestry...my sense of humor might just be corny as hell but putting certain adjectives before certain words just cracks me up.

Garbage of unmixed descent or ancestry, lol.