Backhanded Box Quotes: When 'Best Call of Duty Ever!' Isn't a Compliment

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Welcome back to "Backhanded Box Quotes," a collection of measured, thoughtful criticism from the user reviews of Metacritic.


This week we examine games from two series that frequently are accused of impersonating each other: Call of Duty: Black Ops II, and Halo 4.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Released: Nov. 13.

Critic: MasterOfMetroid (Metacritic)
"I can't believe I waited in line for this."
Score: 1


Critic: ChrisTB (Metacritic)
"CoD ... CoD never changes."
Score: 0

Critic: rmartinezdl (Metacritic)
"I dont get why Activision keeps renaming their Single Player Campgain dlc ($10) and take 1 **** year to release a weapons/map patch, and why on earth is this patch $60."
Score: 0

Critic: Badonkadonk (Metacritic)
"The critics are raving about this, but I guess Activision has been paying this off because this game is absolute garbage."
Score: 3

Critic: jnova80 (Metacritic)
"Bro Fest 2012! Get your TapOut shirts and dubstep ready! This one is shaping up to be the biggest gathering of pointless nonsense we have ever seen!!!"
Score: 0


Critic: nufrequency (Metacritic)
"If you or your kid have been diagnosed with ADHD ... or Kalnienk vision disorder this game is designed especially for YOU!"

"This is not the Black Ops game you were hoping for... This is Super Turbo Edition !"
Score: 3


Halo 4

Released: Nov. 6.

Critic: StoneSoldier (Metacritic)
"It's more like MW dressed up, right from the stupid climbing sequence right from the start."
Score: 0


Critic: Franky4Fingurs (Metacritic)
"Think of Disney redoing star wars but the theme music doesn't start while the words are scrolling..."
Score: 2

Critic: BadmanFaust (Metacritic)
"Best Call of Duty Game Ever!"
Score: 2

Backhanded Box Quotes will be an occasional feature of Kotaku's Anger Management, unless it isn't.

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I really do not get all the hate for Halo 4. I've played, and loved, Halo 3, ODST, Reach and now 4. It IS Halo. It feels like Halo. Nothing is ruined. If anything, its all been improved. Haters gotta hate I guess. As for it being like COD, bull. I hate COD and Battlefield but love this game.