PSA: Don't Take This Guy's Van in Battlefield 3. He is Chasing a Helicopter.

Audio is NSFW.

Reader Mike C. works in a veterinarian's office. It's nice helping small animals, but the job does have its sad days. Video gaming is necessary to his decompression routine after work.

Playing Battlefield 3 yesterday, Mike (GamerTag Kiaza, he's asked us to include it) happened upon another lonely soul who appeared to be in need of aid. "We were defending on Norshar Canals I believe and we were in the last area for rush. This guy was shooting up in the air without a driver, so I figured that I would take him into the field so he could get a couple of kills. You know? The right thing to do."

So Mike hopped in the driver's seat and drove him off. "We got ambushed and destroyed almost instantly. So. I am going through my weapons before i respawn and I get this message from who I then assumed was the unfortunate fellow in my gunner-seat." You can hear it above.

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I despise Xbox live, honestly, the amount of sheer abuse you get by playing with others on that service is just *incredible*.

It's downright sad that people choose to be like that, playing games.