12 Worst Attempts To Americanize Foreign TV Shows And Movies

Happy Independence Day! There are many reasons to celebrate America. And then, there's our tendency to borrow other people's stuff. Sometimes when Americans remake foreign properties, it turns out okay, like Let Me In. But often... not. Here are the dozen worst attempts to remake foreign TV shows and films. »7/04/14 1:44pm7/04/14 1:44pm

Getting to the Bottom of the Akira Game That Might Not Have Sucked

For such a beloved manga and animated film, poor Akira hasn't had the best of luck when it comes to video games. Amidst the wreckage of the awful NES and Amiga adaptations of the movie, though, there always lingered the promise that a cancelled Akira project - one destined for the SNES, Genesis and Mega CD - could… »9/14/12 1:30am9/14/12 1:30am