Here, Ayato talks about the modifications he’s going to make from the original design. For example, he’s not a fan of the seat on the actual Kaneda bike in the anime (and the manga), so he’s modifying the design to a bucket seat, which he prefers.

Other parts, such as the iconic front and wheel design, however, will not be changed.

The other thing that makes the Kaneda bike design tricky is the way the motorcycle handle can be raised and lowered. Ayato decided to also keep this and bring it to life.

He first made the body out of cardboard, but then created it out of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP). You can see the process in the clips below.

It’s even more impressive when you find out he’s using things like cat food bowls to create shapes.

You can really start to see the project come to life.

The project isn’t yet finished, but it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out.


The clips are quite in depth. And while they’re not in English, the footage is extensive. If you mod or customize bikes (or make props and crafts), you should hopefully be able to follow along.