​50 Cent Just Catching Up on Minecraft, Thinks It's Unfinished

It's probably hard to imagine how busy a guy like 50 Cent is. So, it's understandable that he might've missed out on the way that Minecraft has become a phenomenon. But Mr. Jackson thinks that Mojang's super-successful game "looks like they didn't finish it." No, 50, it's finished. That is a completed game that you… »1/10/14 5:00pm1/10/14 5:00pm


50 Cent: Blood on the Sand is Dead, Dead, Dead [Update]

Remember 50 Cent II, the sequel to discography-cum-video game 50-Cent: Bulletproof? The game that Sierra named 50-Cent: Blood on the Sand »9/19/08 10:00am9/19/08 10:00am? The one that has a love-interest, slick graphics and tons of blood? Yeah, it's dead. Caught in the unflinching cogs of big video game business, mergers, and close downs, we hear.…