50 Cent's New Game Includes Mysterious Love Interest

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50 Cent remains hopeful that his new game, Blood on the Sand, will be a true gaming hit and not something that rides on the coattails of his music like he did with Bulletproof.

The game's producer, Aaron Blean, told MTV that he sat through a demo of the game three times several weeks ago and was "really excited."


The producer also talked up a mysterious love interest in the game that, brace yourself, 50 Cent came up with. Oh, this is going to be a grrrrreat game.

50 Cent 'Really Excited' By 'Blood On The Sand'; Video Game's Music, Love-Interest Details Revealed [MTV]

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@Striderhayasa - Phillyyakk on PSN and Live.:

No need to be angry at his success bro, Lol. You sound more like your venting at the end rather than stating an opinion. Calm down. Everyone like different music, Im sure if I went through everyone music collection on Kotaku I'd find a gangload of stuff I feel is, as you said, "garbage". Its all a matter of opinion.

Maybe it's YOU who doesnt know what real music is, maybe its me. Then again, what is, and who defines real music? Im sure your going to take a crack at it to explain to me. Personally, I stopped listening to 50 cent when he went all chick songs. The hell is that all about?