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THQ Picks Up 50 Cent Off The Ground

Illustration for article titled THQ Picks Up 50 Cent Off The Ground

No, 50 Cent: Blood On The Sand isn't dead, dead, dead. It's alive! The game, orphaned by Activision Blizzard, has indeed been picked up by publisher THQ, according to a rating by Australia's Office of Film and Literature Classification board. That's the part we did get right when we reexamined 50's fate. Honestly, though our interest in 50's music begins and ends at "In Da Club" we can't help but be warmed over by the ridiculousness of Blood On The Sand's debut trailer. It's brilliant. 50 Cent: Blood On The Sand [OFLC via NeoGAF]


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You need to kill it 10 times, 50 can take up to 9 deaths before he stays down