One Man's Five-Year Quest To Find A Shiny Pokémon

Under normal circumstances, there is a one in eight thousand and ninety two chance you'll find a shiny Pokémon out in the wild. Some people have played Pokémon all their lives and have never actually encountered a shiny, one of those fabled Pokémon that comes in a special, rare color. » 7/11/14 5:11pm Friday 5:11pm

Yay, One Of Pokémon's Best Features Is Coming Back

One of the best things about Ruby and Sapphire was "secret bases"—a feature which let players decorate their own special space, ala Animal Crossing. Alas, secret bases aren't in the newer games, X & Y-but they'll be in the upcoming remakes, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. » 7/09/14 2:36am Wednesday 2:36am

The Excellent Pokémon Art Academy Art of the Past 24 Hours

The new game, Pokémon Art Academy, allows you to upload your Pokémon artwork to the Miiverse. As the game released in PAL territories last week (and Japan two weeks before that), there are already scores of artwork to browse though. Some of it is pretty amazing—even just in the last 24 hours on the Japanese Miiverse. » 7/08/14 6:30am Tuesday 6:30am

We Love Lilly’s Amazingly Terribad Pokémon Art

Pokémon just wouldn’t be Pokémon without a rival to constantly challenge you. Thus, even drawing game Pokémon Art Academy has a rival—a girl named Lilly. But while I thought I was the worst artist in the world, Lilly proved me wrong. Her art is terrible—so terrible, it loops all the way back around to wonderful. » 7/01/14 7:40am 7/01/14 7:40am